Hotspot Modelling of Half-Cell and Full-Cell Module


The impact of partial shading on cell operating current, voltage, and temperature is simulated, for a half-cell module with series-parallel-series connections and for the conventional full-cell module. When shaded, we find the half-cell modules comprising two parallel 60-half-cell strings benefit from a reduced heat dissipation compared to a 60-full-cell series connected design. The maximum hotspot cell temperature of the shaded half-cell module is 28 °C lower than that of the full-cell module. Our result suggests that half-cell module design could mitigate hotspot degradation or failure in crystalline-silicon photovoltaic modules.

Reference Link
J. Qian, A. Thomson, A. Blakers, and M. Ernst, “Comparison of Half-Cell and Full-Cell Module Hotspot-Induced Temperature by Simulation,” IEEE J. Photovoltaics 8 (3), 834–839 (2018).